Home & Building Automation

Experience the next level of comfort, convenience, safety and peace by managing your space on your fingertips.

UIT adaptable and reliable automation technology is not only cost-effective but also lets creates an ambience of ultimate luxury.

Be it smart kitchen, curtain control, lighting & ambience control or digital communication and security controls, Uttsav lets you explore.

Healthy Living Space

We have covered the scientific and natural factors of well-being to make you a healthy living space.

Since most of our time is spent indoors, it becomes necessary to optimize environment to support, nourish and promote well-being.

Uttsav combines nature and technology that effortlessly heal human body and enhance the standard of living.

Human Centric Technology

UIT brings Human Centric Technology which works to customize the natural light according to the benefits of human system.

This technology essentially cater to – Increasing concentration, lifting up of mood, lowers the stress levels, improves metabolism, promotes productivity and in some cases cures chronic health problems.

Third Eye Digital Security

No more worrying now! Erect the barrier between danger and you with Third Eye Digital Security System by UTI which lets you tap and monitor every risk and delay.

A centralized monitoring is established which is accessible to the authorized person only, anytime, anywhere.

Digital Lighting

When you need to beautify space, digital lighting is the answer.

It uplifts the positivity of the ambience.

With Uttsav’s Digital Lighting design and technology, create an artistic display for outdoors and indoors, be it musical, equalizer or any conceptual lighting and give a magnificent look to your venue.

Dynamic Building Facade

For outdoors, we introduce advanced dynamic and intelligent building facades that can adapt to the environment conditions whilst making it aesthetically beautiful.

The dynamic facade facilitates the users in fitting appropriate shades, sunlight, ventilation and adjustment of air conditioning, hotness, waterproofing and insulation, all with one touch on your device.

Digital Sound

If you are a big fan of movie and music, UIT brings just the right technology for you.

Set up your own mini - theatre at your home; control and adjust all the movies and sound parameters centrally and manage in real -time via tablet or smart phone.

This system is much more flexible easier and less expensive to implement even for large 3D cinemas.