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Residential Lighting

Contributing its best to the health and security, the two major components of existence, home automation delivers Reliability and Adaptability. Moreover, skilled solutions for Connectivity, Modernised Ambience and regular Management are appointed, along with the cost-effectiveness. At UIT, proven leader in the field, we are ready to assist.

Corporate & Commercial Lighting

Spatial structures and lighting systems must be adapted to new types of work. What is required are flexible people, flexible architecture and flexible light which enhances communication and motivation and improves the quality of working and spending time at the office.

Users are at the heart of contemporary office concepts and hence interior design and office lighting. Intelligent lighting solutions help to increase people's sense of well ­being, to create identity and at the same time cut costs. UIT is an experi­enced office lighting expert. Over many years we have amassed extensive knowledge from application and research in the sphere of using light in offices.

The consistent further development of our products is based on user studies on the effects of light and on perceived lighting quality. Lighting solutions by UIT create working conditions that make people feel good, thus motivating them and helping them concentrate on doing their job. Lighting scenes that can be adjusted to users' personal preferences by means of variable colour temperature and quantity of light increase employee satisfaction and create identity. High ­quality product design and architectural lighting design also play a major role here.

Hotel & Wellness

Those who collect stars for their restaurant or hotel should not only work on their services. The guests' pleasure starts with the lighting solution: light that stimulates all senses and makes guests feel at ease – thanks to spotlights, recessed luminaires, light lines or innovative LED solutions.

A lighting concept which is geared towards the guest provides an atmosphere in a hotel room various lighting scenes with a feel-good factor bolster the guest’s body clock. An emotionally captivating lighting atmosphere transforms a stay into an experience.

Health & Care

Light increases the patients' sense of wellbeing, creates a living-room ambience, supports the accomplishment of visual tasks in different therapies and examination procedures, makes orientation easier and ensures safety in circulation areas - in hospitals, sanatoriums and retirement homes.

Hardly any other application area demands such complex lighting solutions as health and care facilities, where an extremely wide range of requirements have to be met in order to create perfect conditions: doctors and care staff need different lighting situations in order to perform tasks that require high levels of concentration.

Efforts are also made to achieve a feel-good atmosphere for patients. Lighting therefore has to cater for the needs and preferences of various groups of individuals in different situations. UIT’s intelligent lighting solutions reconcile these dispa rate requirements and interests.

Outdoor & Architecture

Architectonic lighting emphasises the buildings' design, improves the perception of urban objects and draws attention to decorative elements. A general ambient light increases the feeling of safety. Key light, however, is directed towards distinctive objects and contributes to better orientation.

As cities grow, the night-time offers a wealth of social and economic opportunities. Life goes on long after sunset and can really thrive when the urban environment caters for the ever-changing spectrum of human behaviour. UIT wants to give people their nocturnal environment back by supporting the optimum quality of life and human experience.

We offer a highly versatile toolbox of light, which empowers our partners to enhance outdoor spaces and architecture with thoughtful, adaptive, multi-layered lighting concepts that are tailored to human needs – solutions that model the space precisely with the right quality of light in the right place at the right time.

Art & Culture

Where the highest architectural requirements must be met, ever greater demands are also made on light as a modulating, accentuating factor of experience: high-quality products and the latest LED technology for pure enjoyment of art.

Cultural buildings and museums are built to share knowledge and cultures with the general public. These institutions bring together and present pieces of art and performances in a way that enables an appropriate and authentic visitor experience. The perception of the objects shown is clearly a fundamental part of this experience, as interactions between the exhibits and their surroundings shape the perception of the observer.

Architectural and focussed lighting play an important role in helping to reveal the true meanings of these objects and spaces. In addition, cultural buildings and museums are also built to preserve valuable goods and resources for the future of humanity.

Retail & Presentation Lighting

Modern retail worlds must provide a quality of experience, their design becomes an expression of the brand message. Customised lighting solutions incorporating LED technologies are an essential element of these worlds of experience.

Shopping is increasingly turning into a deliberately staged leisure-time activity. Shopping centres and shops are transforming into adventure spaces that are designed to entertain visitors and get messages across. Light is used to evoke emotions and to create brand identities. Intelligently designed light can trigger impulses to buy and alter shopping behaviour.

Light adds value, especially if the lighting concept and lighting control system can be handled as a single identifiable entity. Lighting scenarios that are geared towards specific target groups are becoming increasingly important in presentation and retail applications. Authenticity, customisation, the miniaturisation of luminaires and high-precision accent lighting are all crucial factors in the design of such lighting solutions. Energy savings and lighting management are decisive in achieving economic success through sustainability.

Education & Science

Using light to enhance communication, improve awareness and create social understanding: dynamic lighting solutions with optimum colour properties enhance people’s concentration and improve visual comfort in educational facilities.

The bright, uniform illumination of both horizontal and vertical surfaces is the basis for optimal visual and learning conditions. Lighting scenes that promote concentrat ion or relaxation according to requirements multiply the factors of fun and success during the process of learning. Easy to use lighting controls support teachers in their efforts to always find the most suitable lighting atmosphere.

Efficient luminaires with electronic ballasts in combination with an intelligent lighting concept are the basis for an energyconscious use of light. Lighting control combined with daylight and presence detectors reduces energy consumption to a minimum.

Active Lighting

Daylight has always accompanied humans,sometimes surprising us but always in a reliable way. It has helped shape the dynamic sense of sight in the natural rhythm of life. Light constantly provides new images and releases emotions. It controls physical processes and affects the biological clock. Artificial light supports this natural interaction dynamically over space and time.

Always reliable and yet simultaneously surprising, natural light has guided and accompanied us since the dawn of time. It intuitively supports our natural rhythm and has a dynamic influence on our ability to see, providing us with new images that stimulate our emotions on a daily basis. It controls human processes and even influences our internal clock.

Active Light uniquely imitates natural light, opening the realms of time and space to various different levels of human interaction when combined effectively with architecture. As a result, a careful blend of intensity, colour and direction at the right time can support natural light – evoking a higher quality of life through light.

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting is defined by Lighting Europe as a type of lighting that can benefit the biological, emotional, health, or wellbeing of people.This is achieved by dimming the smart light source, most likely an LED, to mimic the levels of sunlight throughout the day.

Lighting installations with higher intensity and tuneable white light may increase production output, and reduce fatigue, errors and accidents. The result is less fatigue, which again leads to fewer errors being made. For the dayshift in production environments an activating light in the morning should be switched on for 1-2 hours, starting 1-2 hours after the shifts begin to allow night owls to reach the right position on their bodily performance curve.

Human Centric Lighting in healthcare

Healthcare environments are well suited to implement lighting cycles containing sunrise,sunset and daylight simulations. The effects on the patients or residents are higher activity levels during daytime, better sleep at night, shorter recovery times and reduce intake of anti-depressants.

Especially in the winter months, the amount of daylight exposure is insufficient for adequate control of the circadian rhythm in many elderly people because they increasingly stay indoors. This not only has negative consequences for the residents' cognition, but also impairs their wakesleep rhythms.

Emergency Lighting

Unobtrusive appearance, easy installation, low maintenance effort. These are the main features of emergency lighting by UIT – whether with central or separate battery supply. In an emergency, they ensure reliable functionality without any compromise.

Functional emergency lighting is more than just a must required by law. The quality of the luminaires and of the supply system reflects the operator’s responsibility towards the building, the people using it and towards the environment. Here, quality stands the test, not only in an emergency. The emergency and emergency sign luminaires cannot fail to impress in everday life – on account of their unobtrusive design and their capability of integration into the interior. For emergency lighting, too, UIT attaches great importance to technical quality criteria such as maximum energy efficiency and convenient maintenance. Based on many years of experience with LED, the ONLITE product range incorporates state-of-the-art, extremely durable LED technology.

Facade Lighting

People find the nightscapes around them created by illuminated building façades. These façades facilitate orientation, convey messages, communicate emotions and create attention. Contemporary lighting solutions for building façades need to create added value for local authorities or have architectural or economic merit by making a location more beautiful and safer, showing a building off in the right light or getting a positive corporate image across. Achieving this demands great aesthetic design sensibility.

Nowadays, however, lighting solutions also need to be sustainable, save resources and prevent unnecessary light pollution. UIT is able to reconcile all these factors – with a range of luminaires that are specially adapted to cope with demanding lighting tasks. UIT lighting solutions shape a building’s architecture and accentuate details in a multifaceted manner by directing light very precisely.