Our Products

Mood Lighting

Split the natural white light into its spectrum, and you will get as many permutations and combination of lighting to suit your mood.

Human Centric Lighting Design

Customize the lighting according to the emotional and physical requisites.

Utilizing the science of lighting to enhance the mood, well being and efficiency at work.

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic lighting attracts attention and facilitates orientation by transforming the building façade into an entity of art.

Tell what brand’s untold story with external lighting displays.

Commercial Lighting Design

Commercial Lighting is about a brilliant visual unison with the world outside.

Lighting Design for commercial purpose renders a visual and emotional impact that intensifies brand experiences.

Corporate Lighting Design

When it comes to corporate setting, what one needs is to improve the efficiency of its staff, to encourage the customers to shop and to create an instant connect with the visitors.

We have the perfect set of lighting possibilities to help you do that exactly.

Hospital Lighting Design

Be it recovering patients, routine work, waiting area or operation theatre; each section needs to be illuminated as per its purpose.

Uttsav’s Lighting Solutions are designed to elevate the healing process of patients and improve upon efficiency of staff.

Emergency Lighting Design

Emergency lights are useful when the main power supply is cut, any normal illumination fails or if there is any possible danger.

Uttsav makes robust system that is in-line with legal pre requisites and secures a safe evacuation.

Light adds value, especially if the lighting concept and lighting control system can be handled as a single identifiable entity. Lighting scenarios that are geared towards specific target groups are becoming increasingly important in presentation and retail applications. Authenticity, customisation, the miniaturisation of luminaires and high-precision accent lighting are all crucial factors in the design of such lighting solutions. Energy savings and lighting management are decisive in achieving economic success through sustainability.