Knowing about the HCL

Human Centric Lighting

Human centric lighting is defined by Lighting Europe as a type of lighting that can benefit the biological, emotional, health, or wellbeing of people. This is achieved by dimming the smart light source, most likely an LED, to mimic the levels of sunlight throughout the day

Why Human
Centric Lighting?


Human Centric lighing is intended to promote a person's well-being, mood and health.

It can improve concentration, safety and efficiency in workspace or education environment.

Lighting design is his heart and lighting technologies are his heart beats.

It Can support healing process and prevention of chronic diseases amang people with irregular daily routines or in elderly care.

How to use it?

In Order, to install and program efficient Human Centric Lighting solution, three parameter require careful attention. They are interdependent may be used as levers to control the effect on human:

  • Spectrum
  • Intensity
  • Timing and Duration